[or communicating with the dead/EVP's]


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Today you don't need to be a highly trained sorcerer or witch to speak with the dead, just turn on your recorder/camera.

Necromancy's true definition is simply "divining information from the dead by means of communication with them".


At Merriam-Webster it is defined as:

"conjuration of the spirits of the dead for purposes of magically revealing the future or influencing the course of events" {an "event" such as a paranormal investigation? Hmmmmm}


At it is defined as:

a method of divination through alleged communication with the dead; black art.
magic in general, esp. that practiced by a witch or sorcerer; sorcery; witchcraft; conjuration.


At the Catholic Encyclopedia it is defined as:

"Necromancy is a special mode of divination by the evocation of the dead."


Divination is defined as: "The seeking after knowledge of future or hidden things!"


Hmmm, hidden things like the name of a spirit, or it's purpose for lingering in a home perhaps, or how a "ghost" died?

This includes and is not limited to:

*asking a "ghost" it's name

*asking a "spirit" why it is there

*even asking "Is someone there?" at all. And it doesn't matter if no one answered you back.

All that matters is that You did the 'act' of attempting to communicate.

Recording EVP's is necromancy.