dangers of ghost hunting

Update: 5/17/2017 Ghost Hunting will ruin your life, being curious about things you cannot percieve is russian roulette. The thrill of getting evidence will open you and your loved ones to a destructive force you cannot comprehend. You think I am being a fear monger, that's fine, I will be waiting for your email after you discover the truth.

Our team has over 60 years of experience with this matter as a whole. These creatures will mimic and lie to get to your feelings, to appeal to your thirst for knowledge. They want to own you like a pet, and they have a long history of pet abuse lol!

What I have learned from experience is, these dead ones pretend to be our dead ones. They love to imitate the timber of our voices, they remember what we loved, what our obsessions were/are, and our intimate issues that we thought no one else knew about. They pretend to be dead loved ones because.... it's the fastest way into your heart, ergo into your life, your family, your friends. They will spread like a plague of the worst case of bed bugs and crotch crickets you have never seen!

Our fascination with the paranormal has quickly gained acceptance as the commonplace, it hasn't seen such a surge in popularity since the 1700's with 'magnetism' and the like, then later again in the 1800's in the form of seances. [There are some interesting articles here, here and here. Seeing as it is on Wiki-pedia, always do your own research in addition to anything you read there:) ]

Around that time period there were many a gateway opened in the unassuming parlor of a vast number of homes from unfortunate curiosity.  It was called the 'spiritualist' movement or spiritualist religion back in the day. It was quite a common scene that after having guests for dinner, the plates were cleared from the dinner table to practice necromancy for fun. I have a sneaking suspicion that if it had not been so popular back then we would not have so many haunted homes today, ergo the resurgence we see now.

georgian/early 1800's seance

The first thing we have to address right away is the simple fact that ghost hunting is necromancy no matter how you dress it up.  Whether it's 1532 and you have to visit the local wizard with a lock of your dead loved ones hair or belongings , or it's 2012 and you are using a digital recorder to record e.v.p.'s it's necromancy.

The most common retort to that fact is “It is not, necromancy is divining the future, and I'm not divining the future.” Well of course your not recording e.v.p.'s prior to placing your bet on a favorite horse, but.... and there is a HUGE but, you are not seeing the real face of it at all.  Necromancy is truly defined as 'communicating with the dead', sure I've read all the definitions that think it only entails fortune telling. But you are missing the facts, necromancy is also communicating with the dead to gain access to information you did not have. So simply put, when you walk around asking questions or trying to have a conversation with a suspected dead person you are practicing necromancy.

Now some may wonder, “well I never got any answers so it didn't work so what do I have to worry about?” Plenty, sorry to be such a downer, but I am not writing this article to lie to you just to give you happy feelings. Just committing the act or going through the motions of the practice whether or not you got results puts you in a dangerous position.  Now you have initiated the practice of necromancy you are forming connections with entities that you really do not know anything about! It's similar to going on a road trip with a total stranger who pretends to be one person at the beginning of the trip and takes of it's mask after it locks the car doors and your out in the middle of freaking no where.

You may say I am really over reacting? Let me ask you this: Do you believe anything a total stranger tells you, especially one that is invisible to the naked eye? I would hope not, I hope that you are not totally gullible and have some sense of how to maintain personal safety right? Sadly I see the majority of people who are flush with the adrenaline rush of their paranormal investigations results believe anything that is told to them thru e.v.p.'s or mediums, an ovulus or a spirit board. It seems as if people are completely desperate to throw all common sense out the window as soon as an e.m.f. meter gets into their hand.

Don't get me wrong, I am a long time fan of many of the popular paranormal TV shows out there, I am not trying to be mean to some of the popular paranormal investigators that have their own long running shows. It's just that many people see it on TV and think "Wow, exciting adventure!", then after their curiosity has the better of them they wonder why a series of unfortunate events seem to be constantly unfolding. In their lives and the lives of any who are close to them, the effects are seen.

So if you have a haunting and you want to get rid of it great! It does not matter why this thing is there, do not engage it in any communications, whether with a blinking flashlight, e.m.f. Meter or e.v.p.'s. This is the same as using a spirit board/summoning board/ Ouija, what ever you want to call it. Sometimes seemingly innocuous activities are not as innocent as they may appear on the surface.

Resist the powerful draw of a curiosity that can have devastating results for you and your family. All that matters is that you do not want this invisible stranger to be welcome in your home.

For those of you who fall prey to 'but I have to help them move on' in regards to "ghosts", please read Romans article on 'ghosts in the bible'


a group of people having a seance they seem to be in the throes of some kind of excitement


Rebecca {Occult Specialist of S.I.S.}