is it a ghost or a demon

6/3/2017 First of all, we need to understand what a ghost is, it's like finding a fragment of a video clip of someone speaking for just a moment. So we would not assume we actually are seeing this person as a whole just from a short video clip of them, yes? We are only seeing a moment of their existence, that moment in death right before they are taken to the great nap time in the sky lol. This is also how it is with ghosts, what you are encountering is just a small portion of their former selves, attesting to their tragic end, awaiting justice from God. A real ghost can only provide so much info, it can't really have a conversation, it's on a loop. "This is how I died! I need JUSTICE!" That is why, when you encounter something that wants to chat and get involved in your life you need to be careful! There are laws to everything in this reality, when you die whatever side you are aligned with comes to retrieve you and take you home, you do not have the power to decide to stay or go. Where ever that home may be. People mistakenly assume that we can choose to stay and linger, because they do not understand the true nature of a ghost.

Is it a Ghost? How can you tell if it's a ghost or not? It's easy, just test the spirits.

You think it's your lovable Granny you've got on your Ouija or ovilus? Start asking her to talk about Jesus Christ and see what happens??? Ask this 'ghost' to profess it's love for GOD/Christ. Not 'the Universal Law', not Buddha or Matreya, just Jesus Christ. I dare you to test the spirit trying to get into your life. If you still don't believe me?

Try asking her to pray with you to Jesus Christ, not the Virgin Mary, not Archangel Michael, not Saint Sebastian, just Jesus Christ.

When I was obsessed with spirits as a 11 year old, I began using Ouija boards to speak with them. For the next 11 years, I was lied to. I was told 'I am a young boy who died in the 1800's.' Rrrriiiiigght, sure you are. After having this 'ghost' follow me around for years it became clear 'it' had an agenda.

A few important points, real 'ghosts' look like people, not black masses, or faceless people. Real ghosts are just a fragment of their former selves, and are markers left in place to testify to their violent death awaiting justice on judgment day. I also think when people encounter a ghost, that it may be during this dear departed ones life review. On the other side time does not exist, so they MAY be able to traverse time forward and backward during their life review. But interactions with them are limited, and brief. 99.9% of ghosts that are in our lives are frauds. Real ghosts cannot do any harm to us, they have no power, they are on a repeating loop... 'this is how I died, I want justice'. That's it. When you have a 'ghost' that is pinching you, breaking dishes, throwing items at your head? IT IS NOT A GHOST!

An important point, most of the time the entity that controlled a person in life imitates them in death. Mimicry is a hobby of these pests. Often they will have favorite human pets, usually the cruelest or most evil. Then they will masquerade as their pets to scare people into believing in ghosts. If they can get you to believe you can be trapped here after death, then they have you. They begin to play with your emotions, to affect your perception by making you feel sorry for them. Once you start having feelings for them, they slip right in. That is one of the most common ways that they insert themselves into your life.

Sadly, in this world it is acceptable to dismiss people who are living in fear of demonic activity as "unstable", foolish, ignorant and superstitious. 

If you are new to acknowledging that demons are real you must know they are not all powerful, there is a way out, and there is hope for you.  Very often people assign too much power to demons, don’t get me wrong, there are very powerful ones, but many are also merely an annoyance. Read more about protection from the demonic here

What dubious "paranormal experts" fail to realize when they dismiss those in question is that demons are not rare and exotic "chaos energies" that we hardly ever have the displeasure of encountering.  They are very real, have likes and dislikes, personalities and memories, and are not hampered by the laws of our universe that we as mortal humans have to live in. 

They are very commonplace and quite a daily element for billions.  People who are made to feel as if they are ignorant for believing they have a demonic infestation are also being victimized by the paranormal community that is supposed to exist to aid these very people.

I am acutely aware that droves of alleged victims are merely psychic vampires who are desperate needy people who will say anything to have groups of paranormal investigators or pastors dote over them.  I am not addressing those "people".  They are an entirely separate issue all together that is more pathological than paranormal. 

Rebecca [Occult Specialist of Spectral Intelligence Solutions]



Here are some tell-tale signs that it is demonic:

{I must advise you that some of these symptoms may be side effects of medication or mental & physical illness. You must educate yourself and pray to GOD to grant you discernment so as not to be "medieval" about these issues.}


Reality check: It is logical to say that there are millions of demons, probably more.  They are extremely territorial, and clever. Fallen Angels have an incomprehensible intelligence, whilst demon's [disembodied souls of nephilim]  being much baser creatures tend to be a bit insane. Keeping tabs on us, our weaknesses, and how to manipulate or mentally unravel us is not an obstacle for them.  Rather it's their favorite hobby and a passionate obsession for them.  It's their mission.

   Often in the realm of paranormal investigators, I have noticed that many people do not understand that demons are common and a regular element of life in this world. Their activity is much more mundane than people are willing to discern.  More people are dealing with them than they know, the sooner we all understand this the easier it will be to protect ourselves from their kind. 




And now common signs of human hauntings:

A note: Since demonic entities impersonate humans it can be difficult to separate the two.  I'm not saying there is no such thing as a ghost, it can be tricky to figure out what we are actually dealing with when experiencing this phenomena. You'll just have to pray and play it by ear.   Do your research ask the victim lots of questions, if it is demonic you will see the signs. They [demons] cannot help but expose themselves eventually.  With that in mind let's proceed






Rebecca {Occult Specialist of S.I.S.}

November, 2011