interview questions for paranormal investigators



I will leave out all basic questions regarding name, address, etc...

  1. Religion

  2. Pastor

  3. Pastor contact info

  4. Church attended

  5. church contact info

  6. Description of the situation

  7. Prescription drugs being taken

  8. Vitamin supplements taken

  9. Physician's contact info

  10. Psychiatrists contact info

  11. Counselors contact info

  12. General health

The following are yes or no questions mostly

  1. I attend a Christian fellowship on a regular basis? yes or no

  2. I read the bible on a daily basis? yes or no

  3. I am a born again Christian? yes or no

  4. I have been baptized in the spirit? yes or no

  5. I drink alcohol? yes or no

  6. I hear voices? yes or no

  7. I have been gang stalked? yes or no

  8. I feel like I am being watched? yes or no

  9. I have night terrors? yes or no

  10. I have realistic terrifying nightmares? yes or no

  11. I have night visitors? yes or no

  12. I hear a humming/engine sound in my ears? yes or no

  13. I feel vibrations on/in my body? yes or no

  14. I am being touched by something that I cannot see? yes or no

  15. I find marks on my body that I cannot account for? yes or no

  16. I have been abducted? yes or no

  17. I have seen ufo's? yes or no

  18. I have experienced blackouts or missing time? yes or no

  19. I have used a ouija board? yes or no

  20. I have used tarot cards or runes? yes or no

  21. I have attempted suicide? yes or no

  22. I have channeled guides? yes or no

  23. I have astral traveled/out of body experience? yes or no

  24. I have remote viewed? yes or no

  25. I possess idols, crystals, talismans, mojo/gri-gri bags? yes or no

  26. I have been hypnotized? yes or no

  27. I practice transcendental meditation? yes or no

  28. I practice energy work (Reiki, Qigong, etc) yes or no

  29. I have attempted pagan cleansing rituals? yes or no

  30. have them describe the ritual performed

  31. I have tried vampirism? yes or no

  32. Pagan/Satanist/Wiccan? yes or no

  33. Vodou/Santeria? yes or no

  34. I have friends who practice witchcraft? yes or no

  35. I have invited/requested spiritual forces or extraterrestrials to aid me? yes or no

  36. I have brought home rocks/dirt/sand while traveling abroad? yes or no

  37. have them tell you all locations

  38. I have sacrificed animals? yes or no

  39. If yes why and for what religion and ritual

  40. I talk to the dead? yes or no

  41. I have been levitated? yes or no

  42. I have participated in role playing games? yes or no

  43. have them describe what type of role play, bdsm/vampirism/magic

  44. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

  45. What drugs have you used?

  46. Have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia , bipolar, multiple personality, etc

  47. describe your faith?

  48. Parents history (divorce, alcoholism, murder, incest, neglect or abuse, pedophilia, drug use, witchcraft, religions, diseases, mental health, suicides, depression, etc..)