the connection between aliens and the paranormal

What is the connection between Aliens, UFO's, Extraterrestrials and the Preternatural or Paranormal? Are there similarities between aliens and demonic entities? What is MUFONs biggest secret? Why is MUFON withholding this life saving info? First we need to ask... What is a shill? "a swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others."

There are plenty of examples of shills in the 'alien abduction' phenomena. Many of these DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT they are being used as shills, they may never know the truth until it is too late to do anything about their predicament.


Dr. Greer is convinced there is NO EVIDENCE that aliens are here to harm us!

Then why is there over 700,000 stories on the net that say they are harmful! 598,000 say they are scary. 176,000 say they are bad 590,000 that say they are negative. 1,840,000 say that alien abductions RUINED THEIR LIVES!

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I know that many of these results are just reposts of copied and copied and reposted stories. Sure not all the search results are exact, but they are still there to be found!

There is plenty of evidence that Aliens are not our friends.

I guess Dr. Greer, and others like him, didn't like researching things that don't agree with happy feelings. The best thing you can do for him and others like him is PRAY. Ask God to forgive his sins, (REMOVES THE POWER OF INIQUITY), ask GOD to engage his heart and mind to show him the truth about ALIENS. Always pray that GOD forgive the sins of people who are negatively impacting our population! Break the power of iniquity, bind the demon, break the power over them so that they may see the reality of their situation, and come to know the love of GOD/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit. Do not pray to remove the iniquity of people if you are just starting your walk with GOD! Iniquity is the unholy energy granted to powerful people, like luciferian politicians and global elite, who keep us DUMB/POOR for their own gain.

If you do a web search you can get 120,000 results that agree Jesus Name stopped abductions!

If Aliens are highly advanced technological species, WHY DO THEY REACT LIKE DEMONIC SPIRITS TO JESUS AUTHORITY???

Rebuke first! Ask Questions Later!




A valuable site for researching the connection between using Jesus Christ's name and stopping alien abductions


Great vid to start: John J. Ventre of MUFON reviews heirarchy, functions of different types of entities and similarities amoung demonic infestation, oppression and alien abduction.

Part 2

Part 3 here.

Alien Encounters - A Christian Perspective by Dr. Chuck Missler     

This conference took place in Roswell, New Mexico, on the 50-year anniversary of the famous Roswell UFO Incident. These sessions expound on the UFO phenomenon, aliens, and the Christian perspective.

Ufo's and the "Mighty Men of Old" Return of the Nephilim

66/40 Radio Broadcast with Dr. Chuck Missler

Topical Bible Study: Aliens/Nephilim with Dr. Chuck Missler

Are aliens and alien abductions dealt with in the Bible?! Who or what are the "nephilim" in the book of Genesis? Are they still here? Are UFOs real? What does the phrase "as the days of Noah were" mean? Will these Nephilim play a part in a massive end-times deception?

Join Chuck Missler as he explores this controversial subject, and gives a Biblical context to the modern fascination with aliens and UFOs.



A lengthy article that has considerable research at it's foundation. It cover's nearly all the traits or symptoms of these "visitations" and the similarities they contain that links many different categories of supernatural events together into a much simpler to understand core or source.  Regardless of your personal understanding I would suggest this article, Mrs. Knight-Jadczyk has a profound insight to share here,

Alien Abduction, Demonic Possession, and The Legend of The Vampire

by Laura Knight-Jadczyk