signs of demonic oppression


It always starts with sleep deprivation, so make sure you get some sleep! Take some Tylenol PM or something! Leave the lights on, play some gospel music! Or leave a pastor playing on BoobTube so you can get to sleep! Oh, one last thing, STOP TALKING TO IT! It doesn't matter why it's there! It doesn't matter what it's name is, it doesn't matter what it wants. Just shut it out now.



Great vid to start: John J. Ventre of MUFON reviews heirarchy, functions of different types of entities and similarities amoung demonic infestation, oppression and alien abduction.

Part 2

Part 3 here.

As a side note, before you jump to conclusions about someone having a 'demon', you should know there are"humans" who naturally have many of these characteristics, it's just who they are. Sadly I have had the misfortune to have known many who fit these descriptions and they were not possessed. So just because someone is totally mean and psychotic/insane doesn't equal demon possession, it just comes down to them being sub-human.

Rebecca (Occult Specialist of S.I.S.)

[Please don't become Medieval! Be aware that many of these symptoms are associated with mental illness, fatuousness, and or medication side effects. If after sealing off the victims house many of these traits diminish then you are most likely dealing with demonic oppression.]

Uncontrollable Feelings

Loathing and acerbity toward others for no condonable reason

Massive hatred or fear when encountering a person associated in deliverance work

Bottomless anguish and despondency (timely and often)

Unsound fears - panic attacks -neurosis-obsessions

Aberrant anger - wrath

Irrational guilt - self-reproof to the extreme


Uncontrollable & Besetting Thoughts

Deriding and blasphemous thoughts against preaching and or teaching of the Word of God

Non cognitive distortions - feeling anger, hostility, in others when it doesn't exist - seeing only damnation and punishment in the bible

Horrific dreams causing victim to be terror-stricken (having demonic images)

Homicidal thoughts ( Bloodthirsty wrath, ungovernable self-abuse, suicidal, etc.)

Acutely low self-image (unseemly, inefficacious, constant corroding of the self-singularity.)

Uninterrupted disorientation in thinking (unable to make daily routine free will assertions)

Incapacity to believe (Regardless of what the victim knows to be truth)


Compulsive demeanor

Wishing to do correctly but unable to act

Spasmodic personality and attitude alterations (distressing oppositeness - seems to becoming schizophrenic)

A potent dislike toward scripture reading and prayer, definitely when alone with the person praying

A stygian demeanor (inhuman or sunken appearance to the eyes - Dilation of the pupils - normal features may distort and become alien or sinister- And often unable to make direct eye contact especially with the deliverer

Stealing compulsively, Lying, & exaggerating, the victim cannot control this behavior

Demonic hallucinations and drug abuse

Eating Disorders - bulimia, anorexia nervosa , or complete lack of appetite

Monomaniacal sexual aberrations focusing unnatural perversions and fetishes [abnormal for someone who normally does not partake in these practices]

Raving laughter and or weeping

Unthinking animosity - compulsion to hurt self and others whether animal or human

Outbursts of speaking in a language the victim did not know (often ancestral . They love to strike fear into observers. And what say's "preternatural" like the victim speaking in a language they do not know.)

Retaliation to the name and blood of Jesus Christ (verbally or with body posturing)

Intense unrest (especially in a spiritual atmosphere)

Unrestrained malicious and ridiculing vocabulary

Vulgar displays



Seizures (very severe & too consistent)

Pain, acute without reason in abdomen or head

Bodily complaints may often be dissipated by a command of spiritual authority

Unforeseen difficulty with bodily functions (fleeting) - sudden chills or overwhelming heat in body, hypersensitivity in hearing or touch, buzzing in ears, inability to speak & or hear, sudden acute headache, numbness in arms or legs, temporary paralysis


If a person has only a small amount of the symptoms that have no obvious demonic affiliations, then there is most likely nothing to be concerned over. Do not neglect to go to a doctor because you suspect it to be spiritual in nature this would be medieval.


Cognizance Dilemmas

Loss of time ( ending up someplace, not knowing how you got there-loss of minutes to hours - Routinely doing things of which there is no memory)

Immeasurable drowsiness around spiritual things

Demonstration of extraordinary talents suddenly (ESP, claircognizance or psycho kinesis)

Voices are heard in the mind (deriding, terrorize, accuse, begging to negotiate)

Voice seeming to emanate from the victim- refers to self in third person

Supernatural events - movement & or vanishing of items, and other bizarre materializations,  & haunting's,



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