break satanic pacts


In regards to the title of this page, if there ever were a "true" Satanist who would rescind such a pact, I have yet to meet one. I have written these for victims out there who are seeking a way out of the negative life they have been hostage to. 

Yes, I have read many a testimony of sincere Christian converts that considered themselves to have been a Satanist.  Their reasons for this were past gang activities, drug addiction, foul moods, dark makeup, listening to death or black metal, playing with Ouija's & spells, wearing clothes from "Hot Topic" or because their naive God fearing parents decided that's what they were. 

Please don't misunderstand me, I am truly glad to know they have a love for God now, but that is not what I consider to be "true" Satanism. I do not consider the poor souls who are survivors of Satanic ritual abuse that eventually came to God to have been Satanists, they were clearly suffering and being forced to participate by their captors/parents. 

If someone out there reading this was a tried and true bad to the bone cold blooded Luciferian and you realized the error of your ways and knelt before God for forgiveness, please email me. I would love to know that your testimony exists.

Signing a contract such as this does not magically make your problems go away.  In addition to making these types of commitments to God you are also bound to make radical changes in your lifestyle.  That is if you were engaging in activities that attracted the paranormal into your life, such as practicing majick ,divination, using tarot cards, using pendulums, scrying, speaking to spirits, etc the list goes on and on. 

It is a conscious and thoughtful process on your part to ensure that you sincerely want protection and feel a profound desire to be a new person.  So in addition to making this covenant with the Maker of Heaven and Earth,you must be willing to sacrifice things.  You cannot expect to have protection and think that you can continue with your former path in life without giving up something in return. 

You must be aware that you are about to begin a journey that will be difficult, doing the right thing isn't a lazy man's path. Having a counselor or mentor who has a healthy relationship with God will be of great value to you in this transition, if you do not have any associates that are Christian's I suggest building a social network with them. Please feel free to email me.

Rebecca [Occult Specialist of S.I.S.]


Note: The following is merely an example I have provided, if you wish to write your own please do. The love and obedience we have for God in our relationship to him , and his holy name, is what makes these covenants powerful. 

In addition, in order for these bond repudiations to be effective you need to first simply and earnestly ask Christ Jesus into your life and commit yourself to him in prayer.  Also you should have already begun to take steps to transform your life by making serious lifestyle changes.  For example remove all magickal or divination tools, drugs, and negative associations you may have with people under the influence of such activities.


Say these as loud as you feel comfortable with sternness and passion

Renunciation and Affirmation

for repudiation of contracts made by ancestors or yourself


As an individual who from this moment forth has been emancipated from the dominion of the adversary and transformed by the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, I abolish all demonic contracts and endeavors that I have devised for myself or inherited from my forefathers. 

As a child of God redeemed and bought with the blood of Jesus Christ, I hereby and for all eternity forswear and relinquish any sins of my lineage and mine own.  

As one who is also crucified alongside our Lord Jesus Christ and elevated to tread the path of newness in life, I pray that God reverse any anathema that is assigned to me and bless the sender with the pure realizations of critical thinking.  

As one who has been established with Jesus Christ and eternally resides with Him in heavenly places, I repudiate all methods in which the Adversary could petition dominance of my person.  I proclaim that I am to be forever more given over in my covenant with Jesus Christ.  All this I do in the name and supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen

__________________________________________sign and date


It is important that you sign and date this form and keep it somewhere safe.  The Adversaries take pledges seriously and so should you.  It is common to have a paranormal sign that the contract has been broken.  Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, if you use my version on your site please provide a hyperlink to this site.  Thanks, Rebecca

This one is specifically for victims who come from Luciferian families:


Eradicate  Satanic Consecrations and Pacts

Also for repudiation of contracts made by ancestors or yourself

I decree that I am a participator with a new covenant in Jesus Christ.
I disavow ever signing my name over to Satan or having my name signed over to Satan by a family member.  I forswear all satanic appointments, arrangements, deeds and allegiance that I made with the Adversary, or that may have been made for me without my knowledge when I was a child by a trusted friend or family member. I declare henceforth my name is set in Jesus Christ’s Book of Life. I rescind any sacrament where I might have been wed/enslaved to Lucifer, and I make known that I am the Bride of Jesus Christ.  
I repudiate and rescind all curses and assignations created for me or by me for the servicing of Satan. (Renounce any detailed pacts you may recall.)  I put my faith only in the shed Blood of my Lord, Jesus Christ and what He consummated on the cross by his benevolent self sacrifice. I seek the Holy Spirit for direction.

I renounce all keepers, protectors and alternate parents appointed to me by Luciferians. I abdicate any rituals, teachings, or baptisms by Luciferians. I announce that I have been baptized into Christ and my identity now reflects the face of God.  I reject all spirit guides commissioned to me. I forgo and disallow all diabolical angels, demons, and familiar spirits assigned to any portion of me, by Luciferians. 
By this, I am sealed until the day of my reparation. I receive only God's appointments for me. I proclaim and entrust that the Maker of Heaven and Earth is my God and the Holy Spirit is my protector.

Through Jesus Christ who lovingly surrendered his life so that I just might have a chance to know God, I pray.


_______________________________________ sign and date


Regardless of your own innocence it is good to pledge these, because families have secrets and there is no way of knowing what your ancestors may have practiced or pledged to Lucifer, a Loa/Orisha or pantheon they may have secretly worshiped. 

So even if dear old Great Grandma loved Jesus she may have danced 'round the may pole, or have visited the local Mambo/priestess as a youngster, or went to that Santero/Santera in the hills for the love spell that snagged your Great-Granpa.

In my time I've seen plenty of "good Christian" folk think that because "white witchery", Santería or vodou is a part of their heritage it's okay to go visit the local Houngan for some money wash and house blessing incense. WRONG!!!  Just because they go to church and sing in the choir does not cancel out their ties to the entities that are connected to these activities or "faiths".

Alot of trouble can be inherited like a dreadful heirloom due to these decisions.  Many times innocent people have paid for the transgression of an ancestor that they have never known due to family ties.



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