How to bind spirits/entities. Do you need protection from the paranormal? Protection from spirits, protection from 'ghosts', protection from spirits.You do not need a medium/psychic to help you, you do not need a reiki/energy worker, you do not need a shaman or talisman. Are you ready to be free? Begin with this, say "Jesus Christ I ask you into my life. I dedicate my life to you. I am now covered and protected by the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ who died for all that they might live. Amen" To bind spirits " In the Name of ALPHA & OMEGA/ YHWH, YESHUA/JESUS CHRIST, RUACH HAKODESH/HOLY SPIRIT. MAY THE LORD BIND YOU, MAY THE LORD SEND YOU WHERE YOU BELONG BEFORE YOUR APPOINTED TIME. MAY THE LORD PUT A HEDGE OF PROTECTION AROUND MY FAMILY/PETS/PROPERTY/MIND/BODY/HEART/AND SOUL. AMEN."

If you are unable to physically speak these words do a web search for a delivery ministry near you that can help you in person, pray over you and support you so you may speak truth into your life and be free.

You don't need to believe a lie any more. It doesn't matter how far you have gone, God will always forgive if you really want him too. If you want to be set free click the link below now.

Start Here to Stop the Paranormal!

We are not here to teach you how to commune with demons safely, they are the adversary whether you are ready to deal with that or not. We DO NOT DO PARANORMAL REALITY TV SHOWS, we have had many requests and have turned them all down. Thank you for your interest though, if you worked on a paranormal show and now have an entity attached to you because of your involvement we can help you too. Please feel free to contact us, your identity will be protected.


Latest Spectral Intel News...


Best summary of Q info for beginners in PDF, I scanned it it's virus free, it's just a PDF

All of these events are connected to the EO / CEO's stepping down/ flights to Gitmo regardless of your politics we need to come together to expose these horrible people on both sides of the isle. This is uniting us as we have a precious resource in common,... our children.



Use a web browser that does NOT censor real news DuckDuckGo


If you don't know Liz Crokin you need to.

How Mueller & President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History

Q Anon a Patriot leaving trail of bread crumbs to educate citizen journalists. PDF file of Q's map for you to learn from to understand the current state of affairs.





WARNING TO ALL CHRISTIANS: PROTECT YOURSELF (I (Rebecca) have years of graphics experience and I believe the ISIS logo on this guys face is PHOTOSHOPPED!) Just be ready to defend your family regardless if this is true or not.







China Cut Tax Rate To 0% To Counter American Recovery And Pedophile Movement Comes Out Of The Closet



Learn more about Whats Really Happening from these indie journalist citizens!

David Seaman


Lionel Nation

James Munder

Tracy Beanz

Destroying The Illusion

The Alex Jones Channel



AETHEREAL - The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Cosmology Documentary)

Discover how Kaballah is masquerading as science and being adopted by Christians.

This Youtuber "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" is very insightful, we do not agree on his flat earth theories. He reaches many of the same conclusions that we do. Once again we are reminded of Matthew 10:16 when we are warned,..."Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." We must be careful we are not being led astray, on the tide of popular opinion. I have enjoyed watching many of 'Truth is Stranger Than Fiction's videos. He has some very good points to make.


I think this may be very IMPORTANT>>>8/29/2017 Whether or not this is real? I think his information is valid and should be considered. His info appears to explain the rapid increase in demonic activity world wide and Cerns connection. Alleged insider explains the science and the discoveries we all need to hear. Once you take into account the predominance of antimatter, of a dark and light nature, existing in all life and being connected regardless of locale and it's affect on human nature, his testimony actually makes perfect sense. - Rebecca

CERN Insider Exposes Demonic Portals

5/17/2017 Update to helpful links on Prayers for Protection page. Free online course in Spiritual Warfare!

5/14/2017 Update to Reading List page

5/13/2017 our news site is

5/10/2017 just added a Joe Fisher documentary, Non-Christian exposes truth behind spirit guides. Also new material on Demonic Oppression post.

5/9/2017 Update to Alien Connection page

4/28/2017 Complete revamp of website, starting with Gang Stalking , Being a Sensitive, and Links page.

Children of God T-shirt
Children of God T-shirt
by SpectralIntelligence



The Two Preachers are a good resource for global environmental events that fulfill scripture


Scott Clarke is a great resource to explain astronomical signs (not astrological or zodiac) that relate to scripture and how they relate to God not me me me lol ... in other words NOT ASTROLOGY OK?... ok. So any who the signs in the heavens are put there by God to show us his plans. Originally this was called the Mazzaroth , the tale of the Gospel in the stars, then twisted into the Zodiac by Man and applied to humans instead of God and his plan. If you have never heard of the Mazzaroth (use link, scroll down to 17 Fish heading for biblical definitions of constellations) it is worth looking into as it is an amazing thing to understand.


The Revelation 12 Red Dragon | September 23, 2017


Left Behind | Scott Clarke (A Tribulation Song)


Chuck Missler on Signs in the Heavens and The Hebrew Mazzaroth and the Stars

Chuck starts talking about the Mazzaroth at 4:52 into video.


The biggest secret in MUFON! Jesus name stops abductions!

best tips in video! (works on alien and demonic)

8 R's to FREEDOM

RECOGNIZE-you must recognize what it is.

RESPONSIBILITY-you must take responsibility for what you recognize.

REPENT-repent to GOD for participating with what you recognize.

RENOUNCE-you must take what you recognize as your enemy and renounce it.

REMOVE IT-get rid of it once and for all.

RESIST-when it tries to come back, resist it.

REJOICE- give GOD thanks for setting you free.




Well made documentary of The Illuminati Conspiracy.

I've been researching this, among many other, subjects for over 35 years. This documentary is an excellent collection of the best interviews, best summaries, and the most reliable resources, for this subject. Not in HD Excellent soundtrack, very intense.

L.A. Marzulli:Soldiers kill Nephilim in Kandahar

UFO report/Hybrid Encounter...

These are tips for people being harassed with tech:
There is DIY shielding you can do at home
Proof tin foil shields, actual test. If it blocks brain waves out, it should block energy in also.

diy Faraday cages Build your own defense against wireless harassment, emf, radio signals, wifi signals, cell phone spying, synthetic telepathy.

Faraday Cage: EMP protection and avoiding common DIY pitfalls


Sleep Inside A Faraday Cage

Demo's begin 3:00 into video. They show you how to easily block wireless pollution.

These have been tested by friends or family and shown to work for those more sensitive to wireless pollution too. This is a great article written by an Ex-witch that discusses psychic protection from God that she found in wearing head coverings. They helped her a lot.  Also wearing a scarf or hat may help you sleep, or if that is not enough line the headscarf or hat with aluminum foil. Also to remain calm during the day if you are being harassed electronically or with synthetic telepathy.
Testing that shows aluminum foil the best at blocking wireless radiation signals.


Magician admits without the aid of entities, he has no show.


Laura Maxwell was raised in the Spiritualist Church, and her mother was a medium. She shares a story about ghosts of dead family members, and spirit guides. It's clear that evil entities pose as dear departed ones to get into your life, and destroy it.

Into the Multiverse with guest L.A. Marzulli on Ghost Wolves and Skin Walkers

Entities: the UNSEEN REALM is NOW science FACT. (Entities documentary 2016)

Dimension of Angels, Ghosts & Demons is NOW science FACT. Entities: FULL DOCUMENTARY at:

Scholars on Demons or Entities and Fallen Angels

Dr. Mike Heiser on the Origin of Demons? Why did God mandate the slaughter of ancient Canaanites? and more about Genesis 6 and the Giants!

Abaddon Ascending with Tom Horn

Investigative report involving prophecy experts from around the world and astonishing information about CERN and it's most highly guarded (and ancient?) experiments.

Dr Michael Heiser - Is Nibiru Fake & Zecharia Sitchins Translations False? And more on the Divine Council

Dr. Heiser Claims Zecharia Sitchins translations where wrong, Ancient Aliens are wrong and Nibiru is wrong.

Michael Heiser is a scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East. He is the Scholar-in-Residence at Logos Bible Software. Mike earned the M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004. He has also earned an M.A. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania (major fields: Ancient Israel and Egyptology).

Mike can do translation work in roughly a dozen ancient languages, among them Biblical Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Ugaritic cuneiform. His academic specializations include Israelite religion (especially Israel’s divine council).


Latest News from Real Journalists:


Erick M of Independant Citizen News

Learn the truth about the Death of Free Speech!

Skywatch TV


Lisa Haven

L.A. Marzulli

Paul Begley

GenSix films

Josh Tolley

Israeli News Live

The Official Hagman & Hagman Report

Into the Multiverse



Roman's Blog, SIS demonologist

Marks Blog, SIS consultant


Our Interviews

click on link and an mp3 player will open

01/12/2012 Newest interview with Aaron Franz of Trans Resistor Radio: On this episode of Trans Resister Radio Aaron welcomes Rebecca and Roman of to talk about their very unique and disturbing life experiences. Roman is a former police officer who came upon a dark underworld organization. Rebecca has created the comic Perdition as a way to portray the many facets of his true life story in a fictional format.

This show is filled with some very bizarre and very dark subject matter. Subjects include: Luciferianism, the Ancient History of Transhumanism, genetic hybridization, Luciferian agenda, gaslighting, demonology, paranormal, gang stalking, preternatural, Christianity, demonic entities, and more: Trans Resistor Radio Interview

Rebecca's interview for her paranormal comic PERDITION with Robin of Altered Realities Radio discusses her inspiration for her on line comic Perdition. They discuss, transhumanism, nephilim, preternatural politics, the new forms of magick created by these hybrids and how this will change our society as a whole, if there is truth behind the myth. 20.4 mg file download mp3 format.


Rebecca's free online comic book Perdition

March 13 2010 Part 1 Roman & Rebecca with Robin, Julie & Jim of Maine Paranormal Radio discusses why we see an increase in demonic activity due to the popularity of the paranormal, how global events are used to our detriment, 4 characteristics of demonic attacks: infestation, obsession, oppression, possession. Methods to protect yourself. 20.6 mg file download mp3 format

March 13 2010 Part 2 Roman & Rebecca with Robin, Julie & Jim of Maine Paranormal Radio discusses characteristics of hierarchy & types of unclean spirits. Dr. Robert Monroe & 'the Lusch Rote', Arkons that harvest loosh or lusch [unholy spirit] from humanity and how to stop giving it away to them. Luciferian's role in providing Lusch and how they are rewarded. Precautions/safety for Paranormal Groups to take prior to investigations. 23.4 mg file download mp3 format.

April 18 2010 Part 1 Roman and Rebecca with Robin, Julie & Jim of Maine Paranormal Radio discusses connection between trance/possession & drugs, link to schizophrenia and spirit realm, gullibility in regards to information gathered from paranormal sources. "loosh" what is it? 27.1 mg file download mp3 format.

April 18 2010 Part 2 Roman and Rebecca with Robin, Julie & Jim of Maine Paranormal Radio discusses needed steps to take for real protection from the preternatural, the Luciferian agenda, Bohemian Grove. 27.8 mg file download mp3 format.

April 22 2010 Part 1 Roman and Rebecca with Kaden Mattenson and David LaFaver 4.22.2010 discusses Rebecca's intimate experience with possession and Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs on the paranormal, Roman's ability to perceive demonic attachments to places, people, & things. Romans personal experience with demonic assault since childhood. Victims of the paranormal having Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and how investigators can help. Why the preternatural single out people with specific destinies that oppose their agenda. Spiritual Battle & blessed tetragrammaton's. Entities holding grudges due to helping families break free from bondage to them. 23.3 mg file download mp3 format.

April 22 2010 Part 2 Roman and Rebecca with Kaden Mattenson and David LaFaver 4.22.2010 discusses origins of demons and their relationship to fallen angels. Proper names of demons as a vibrational calling card, even casual use can summon if the entity chooses to appear. Bringing the demonic into your life can be accidental. Four steps of demonic infestation, how families are ruined, why some members are singled out and other members are not bothered. Sleep deprivation and its connection to possession. Importance of being healthy when dealing with the paranormal. Being selective about the company you keep. Are you called to be an investigator/demonologist? Are you prepared to deal with your destiny to educate people about God and the preternatural? It is God's power that protects you not your own. Honesty from victims essential in investigations. 24.4 mg file download mp3 format.


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