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Risks of using spirit boxes


Yes these two machines have different methods of allowing things to communicate with us but they are essentially the same thing, a summoning device. If you have dabbled with paranormal research you are familiar with them both and how they work. If you don't understand the difference go do a quick web search. These handy little machines enable things that we cannot perceive with our limited sensory perception to communicate with us, ergo they are pretty much the same thing as an Ouija board or scrying, or using a medium or psychic.

Thanks to this design in technology you don't need to be a sensitive or a medium to talk to spirits any more, just hit the power button. But I will tell you that you are using these things at your own risk and the risk of all those involved in your paranormal hobby and family.

Time and again I have seen first hand the havoc wreaked in the lives of those who once were so excited to call themselves ghost hunters, or those who have allowed ghost hunters to investigate their homes causing even more trouble to be stirred up.

What you need to know about these devices is that they create openings for entities to gain access to the people that use them and the locations in which they are used. That act alone allows an entity to have a claim on the people or locations.

You may say, "I tried but nothing talked to me, it was just silence or static." Even if you get no results just the act of attempting to communicate will leave you open to these entities that often pose as the dead.

Below is a list of real risks involved in using these devices. If you don't believe me then try it for yourself at your own risk.

List of side effects:

Physical symptoms: sudden onset of weariness or weakness, trembling, panic attacks, tachycardia, numbness of limbs, assault by entities, uncontrollable emotions, involuntary lapse in consciousness, sudden severe nausea, abdominal distress, fainting, inability to control ones actions

(These physical symptoms are often the tale tell sign of an entity being in close vicinity or attempting to take over a human's body.)

Spiritual symptoms: involuntary possession, unnatural knowledge of entities or people present, unnatural desires (sudden desire to do harm to self or others)

Reality shifts/events : dangerous or seemingly ominous coincidences, abnormal flock animal behavior accompanied with a sense of forboding

For those of you who watch Ghost Adventures the episode "Kings Tavern" 2013 clearly shows the entire crew being negatively effected by the use of these seemingly innocent devices. Also included in this episode are the above mentioned events like strange flock behavior and ominous coincidences.

There are many of you who may think this is just theatrics for the sake of T.V. ratings? But the vast majority of people who have stopped being ghost hunters would vouch that it is a very real risk involved in a potentially hazardous pastime.


Also in GAC (Ghost Adventures) Season 7 episode 17 "Glen Tavern Inn" Zak finally realizes that much trouble comes from opening gateways with communication devices.


Rebecca {Occult Specialist for S.I.S.}